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A transformative teaching experience

Are you an educator seeking a transformative teaching experience? Our Teacher Exchange Program offers the chance to immerse yourself in the American educational system, collaborate with fellow teachers, and, most importantly, foster cross-cultural exchange. As a full-time teacher, you’ll create a dynamic and inclusive learning environment.

You will also serve as a cultural ambassador, organizing annual activities or events that highlight your heritage and facilitate meaningful dialogues between your U.S. students and participants from your home country, whether through virtual exchanges or innovative activities. This program is about more than just teaching; it’s an opportunity to shape the future of education, promoting understanding, inclusion, and cultural appreciation. Join us in this inspiring journey of cross-cultural education.


To qualify for participation in our Teacher Exchange Program, applicants must meet the following criteria

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Our Process

Here are the steps involved in the Teacher Exchange Program

1. Submit Your Application

Begin by submitting your application. Our team will then reach out to you to review your eligibility, answer any questions you may have, and discuss your teaching preferences.

2. Choose Your Position

Explore the teaching opportunities that align with your interests and experience. You’ll also participate in interviews with your chosen host school(s).

3. Complete Your Application

If you’re hired by a school, congratulations! You’ll then complete the full application and submit the program fees as required.

4. Schedule Your Visa

Once you’ve received your Alliance Abroad-issued DS-2019 form, it’s time to schedule your J1 visa appointment at the U.S. Embassy. We provide guidance on the necessary documents and prepare you for your visa interview.

5. Start Planning Your Arrival

After your visa is approved, it’s time to plan your arrival in the U.S. Our pre-departure orientation will equip you with all the essential information for a successful and unforgettable experience. Understanding housing options and reviewing initial requirements will help ensure a smooth start to your program.

What our participants say

Teacher Interns and Trainees

A unique fusion of cultural immersion and hands-on training

Our program is a unique fusion of cultural immersion and hands-on training, with a strong emphasis on American educational techniques and methodologies. It serves as a dynamic platform for foreign interns and trainees to enhance their existing skills and expertise. At its core, the program provides practical experience in a wide range of fields across the United States. 

For those in the education sector, interns and trainees receive a one-of-a-kind cultural experience and work-based training program in American educational techniques. This program is designed to enrich their skills and knowledge.

Teach at a US School Remotely from Your Home

Unlock New Horizons as an Alumnus of the Teacher Exchange Program
Your journey in U.S. education doesn’t have to conclude when you return home. As an alumnus of the Teacher Exchange Program with invaluable experience in U.S. schools, you are the ideal candidate for an exciting new opportunity. What’s even better is that these teaching positions are remote, which means you won’t have any extra-curricular responsibilities like lunch or recess duties. This offers you a unique chance to maintain your connection with American schools and continue making a profound impact on the lives of students in the United States, all while advancing your own career. Embrace this opportunity to take your educational journey to new heights.

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