Teacher Exchange: Making Schools More International

The Teacher Exchange Program is a tremendous opportunity to bring important international perspectives into American classrooms. By bringing international educators into American classrooms, teacher exchanges create the opportunity to expose today’s youth to different customs and cultures, fostering a love of cultural expansion amongst student bodies. Moreover, having international educators present in American schools helps to expand the perspectives and teaching methodologies of teachers, while also fostering growth in both teachers and students. In this sense, the Teacher Exchange Program encourages learning for all parties involved, whether it be for a student, a teacher, an administrator, or a campus as a whole; the Teacher Exchange Program creates an environment of beneficial learning.

Hosting Exchange Teachers under the J-1 Visa Cultural Exchange Program

As a participating host school in the J-1 visa Cultural Exchange Program, it is important to not only understand the amazing opportunity that comes with sponsoring a teacher, but also your commitment to participants. This program is intended to provide mutual advantage for host schools and international exchange teachers.

Teacher exchange programs have helped school systems find experienced and enthusiastic teachers. Additionally, host schools have the power to build international bridges, eliminate cultural barriers, and foster a love for other cultures, languages, and ideas through the sponsoring of exchange teachers to educate their students.

As a host school, you represent the institution that creates learning conditions for both students and teachers. Knowing the importance of playing this role creates an opportunity for host companies to positively influence the three-fold connection between institution, educator, and student.

As a learning institution, schools are required to involve exchange teachers in school and community cultural activities. Additionally, host schools are required to provide a minimum of 32 hours per week of teaching or teaching-related administrative activities and monitor the performance of exchange teachers in the classroom and in carrying out official responsibilities. As per the program regulations, the base period for a teacher exchange is three years. Nonetheless, host schools have the ability to request the extended sponsoring of a teacher for an additional one to two year extension.

Teaching positions must be temporary, even if the teaching positions are typically permanent, and may not lead to tenure.

Qualifying to Participate as a Host School.

There are three primary types of schools that qualify to participate as hosts for the J-1 visa Teacher Exchange Program:

Benefits of Hosting International Teachers

  • Provide a life-changing experience for young people from all over the world
  • Be a citizen ambassador and contribute to U.S. diplomacy
  • Bring cultural exchange and diversity to your workplace and your community
  • Meet difficult staffing needs
  • Recruit ambitious candidates

A Valued Partnership

There are many reasons to work with us; the main reason is our dedication to our craft. For starters, GeoVisions handles the auditing and processing of all necessary paperwork related to sponsoring an international teacher. Additionally, through following a customized recruiting strategy, we make sure to provide you with the most qualified international teachers. We also assist in providing ideas for implementing the cross-cultural activity component required under the Teacher Exchange Program. Moreover, we ensure that you get the best level of support in all angles of the program. Our goal is to make sure both teacher and host school get the most out of a valuable partnership!

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