Riding a bicycle can be one of the cheapest, and most convenient ways to explore your local area while in the US. However, the most frequent injuries, and, even deaths, of exchange students, result from bicycle accidents. Here are a few key safety rules that you should keep in mind when riding:

    Make sure you have a helmet that fits you properly and wear it at all times when riding. This is one of the most important ways to protect yourself when riding your bike
  • Maintain your bike:
    Always check to make sure that your breaks and tires are working properly before riding
  • Make yourself visible:
    When driving on a road with car traffic, you always want to make sure that drivers can see you easily. It is a good idea to wear bright colors when your ride your bike such as neon or florescent colors. You also may consider putting reflective tape on your bike, or buying a flashing light to attach to it when riding at night
  • Keep both hands on the handlebars:
    Use a backpack to carry anything you may need to take with you
  • Be attentive:
    Always be on the lookout for pot holes, puddles, rocks, and more when riding. Keep an eye on the road in front of you so you are not caught off-guard
  • Go with the flow of traffic:
    Ride in the same direction that vehicles are driving in.
  • Obey all traffic laws:
    It is important to obey traffic signs, signals, and lane markings
  • Yield to traffic and pedestrians when necessary:
    Just as you would when driving, stop and look before entering a major intersection, making a turn into traffic, or approaching a crosswalk
  • Be consistent:
    Ride in a straight line and do not weave in and out of traffic. Signal before turning, just as you would when driving
  • Avoid the sidewalks:
    Adults generally should not ride their bikes on sidewalks, but should ride in roads with the flow of traffic while observing all traffic laws and staying attentive!

To see more detailed information – please download the student handbook