Opening a bank account is not as simple as walking up to a bank teller and handing over money. In order to open a bank account you will need to follow the steps below:

Locate a nationwide bank in your area. You can locate a bank in your area by doing an internet search. You can find out if the bank has nationwide and international locations by speaking with a bank representative. For example, Bank of America is a nationwide bank and also has International Branches.

In order to open a bank account you will need the following documents:

Cash or paycheck from your Host Company (some banks require a minimum amount deposit to open an account).
Your passport
A secondary form of ID. (Identification issued in your country: Driver’s License, Picture student ID)
The housing address where you are living in the US.

Ask the bank if they offer a free student checking account and an Online banking option. For example Bank of America is offering both free checking account and online banking. To find a Bank of America in your area, please click here:

Online banking:

Many banks now offer online banking and mobile applications that are linked to your checking account.
Using online banking you can:
View your balance
View your statement of recent transactions

To see more detailed information – please download the student handbook