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Since this program is intended for employers who have a temporary or seasonal need, all employers hire students at one time of the year during their high season. Each employer has different needs that are specific to their business. Some employers want to hire a student from a certain country — or to have a student from a previous year return again. Others may be looking for a particular skill set, a period of time suited to their business need, or a certain English level. We are here to help you with your needs — whatever they may be.

This page gives you information and links, on what you need to know about this J-1 exchange program. You can read the Employer Handbook by clicking on this link: GeoVisions’ Employer Handbook.

Would you like to request a student?

It’s easy. Give us some general information and one of our US based staff will contact you.

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Cultural activities

Every region of our country has something to offer visiting students.

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health and accident insurance

All students are covered by insurance during their program period as indicated on their DS 2019.

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Information about cultural differences

Some useful information about adjusting to life in another country.

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Employer resources

Here you can review helpful information for managers, landlords and employers.

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