English-speaking, educated, eager and invested international students available for work and travel and internships in the United States and Australia.

Educated and Invested International Students

Make Enthusiastic Employees


The qualifications for students to participate in exchange visitor programs are strict. Only students who meet certain educational and language requirements are eligible to participate in exchange visitor programs.

The process is rigorous, and students must meet visa requirements and pass embassy interviews.


GeoVisions further screens program participants to make sure they are a good fit for our upscale employers, and that they have the skills needed to succeed on the job.

This process ensures only candidates who are fully committed and invested in the program are presented as candidates for employer job openings.


It takes a great deal of courage for students to travel far away from their home countries. They are driven by a sense of adventure, a passion to learn, and a curiosity to know more about other parts of the world.

Businesses that host international students tell us that they are among the hardest working and committed of their employees.


Candidate Profiles:

While no two people are alike, international students participating in exchange visitor and cultural exchange programs share these similarities:

  • Intellectual curiosity and eagerness to learn

  • Adventurous and courageous

  • Enjoy opportunities to expand their worldview and their lives

  • Desire to improve their English and enhance their education

  • Cooperative, dependable, and hard working

  • Dedicated and determined

  • Grateful to the people invested in their experience