Summer Work Travel Benefits to Employers

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Hire eager, adventurous, educated international students for your seasonal and peak business needs. Our Summer Work Travel program brings international students to the U.S. for seasonal and temporary work opportunities.

International students are excited to learn, to understand, and to contribute. As a “host” employer, you have the opportunity to make a difference in their lives by exposing these young people to learning opportunities on an off the job, helping them gain more understanding of business practices and of a different culture. Diversify your team with international talent and contribute to creating global neighbors.

Diversify your team with international talent and contribute to creating global neighbors.
Discover the benefits of hiring international students.

Eager, Educated Students Looking for Seasonal Work

You are looking for bright, energetic, and enthusiastic young people to help with seasonal business and peak business times. It can be challenging, but GeoVisions make hiring good seasonal employees easy. We’ll help you find great international students looking for seasonal work or temporary jobs, so you can focus on having an incredible season!

International Students Are a Great Addition to Your Team

Visitor exchange programs are specifically intended to provide opportunities for international students to gain work experience, enhance their education, and become exposed to a new culture. Cultural exchange programs work well for seasonal employers who have temporary positions, or are looking to diversify by including international talent to their teams.

Become a Host, Be an Ambassador

As a host employer, you become a citizen “ambassador” of the United States, and an advocate of greater understanding between global citizens. And we are told by our participating host employers, that the benefits of creating greater connections and understanding is one of the greatest program benefits.

The Benefits of Hiring International Students

  • Meet peak seasonal staffing needs
  • Hire ambitious international students
  • Simplify your hiring
  • Provide a life-changing experience for young people from all over the world
  • Be a citizen ambassador and become a global neighbor
  • Bring cultural exchange and diversity to your workplace and community

International Student Profiles

No two students are alike, but they do share several common qualities and strengths.

  • They are energetic and enthusiastic.
  • They seek to improve themselves and eager to learn.
  • They are adventurous and intellectually curious.
  • They are educated and focused on self-improvement.
  • They are dependable and cooperative.
  • They seek life-enhancing experiences.
  • They are open to a challenges and welcome different perspectives.

Host Employers are Innovative Community Members

Our host employers also share common traits and goals.

They seek short-term seasonal staff to reach long-term goals.

They believe that local businesses should have a global perspective.

They are open to trying new things and growing together.

They are eager to include international students on their team.

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