Mission and Values

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Our mission and values guide our work, and the impact we hope to make in the world.

GeoVisions Values are New England Values

The early settlers of New England were strongly convicted and bonded in their beliefs. Their pioneering spirit, and commitment to their values and to one another, brought about revolutionary changes, shaping a country united in its passions, values, and beliefs.

GeoVisions values mirror the values of our New England forefathers. We are a family, bonded together by our mutual passion for cultural exchange, and the impact it has, not only in our communities, but also in the world.

We care for one another, work together as a united team, and focus on delivering quality experiences by doing things the right way.

GeoVisions Values

Local :

Being mindful of community and environment

Upscale :

Doing it the right way

Invested :

Looking at the long term

Specific :

Thinking about the details

Accepting :

Taking pride in who we are

We’re proud of who we are and what we do for the people we serve.

Our values guide our activities —the programs we build, the service we provide, and the connections we make.